Making Love Quotes, Sometime you just

Sometimes you just have to smile,
pretend everything okay,
hold back the tears and just walk away.

Nothing ever happens like
you imagine it will.

Let your smile change the world
don’t let the world change your smile.

You did something to me, I don’t know what it was but I do know that
I don’t want to lose you. You always keep a smile upon my face and
I can act like myself because you accept me. You mean so much to me,
the way you make me feel is just unexplained. This is the happiest
I’ve been in a awhile and I have to thank you for that.
You just make it so easy to fall for you and believe me,
I’m falling harder with each passing day.

I have fallen in love with you my angel. I sought nothing of you
but only to see that dazzling smile of yours once more.
I wish nothing more of you but only hope that one day you
shall love me the way I love you.
I regret nothing for that the only time spent with you are memories
and memories are meant not to be forgotten.

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